Bashin Episode 04
Bashin ep4
English Translation The Idol is My Sunshine
Kanji アイドルはマイサンシャイン
Romaji Aidoru wa Maisanshain
Air Date 9/28/08
Opening Theme GO AHEAD!!
Ending Theme Bouken Kiroku
Bashin Episode 03 Bashin Episode 05

The fourth episode of the anime series Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin.

Popular idol My Sunshine disappears before a concert, and while searching for her, Bashin finds her alter-ego Suiren instead.


A raffle was held on Battle Spirits TV to win two tickets to a My Sunshine concert. Card Sensei won the prize. However, he couldn't invite his intended target, when Bashin and Meganeko showed up, and Hayami encouraged he give the tickets to them instead.

At the concert hall, Bashin found that he was sitting next to Striker. Both agreed that seeing My Sunshine was more important than their respective hobbies.

Unfortunately, the concert was put on indefinite hold when My Sunshine went missing. This was a regular occurrence at My Sunshine concerts, and it was beginning to estrange her fanbase. Bashin decided to go search for her, in fear that they would cancel her shows altogether soon.

While walking through restricted areas, Bashin learned that Aibou had come along too, and was a My Sunshine fan himself. He also encountered a card battle between a guard and a hooded girl, actually Suiren in disguise, who summoned an X-rare to win the match. Bashin approached her, hoping that she would battle with him. However, they were soon found by My Sunshine's manager, who explained that they were in a restricted area. Bashin ran, taking Suiren along with him.

Once they were safe on the roof, Suiren asked why he bought her there too. Bashin, not knowing her secrets, assumed she was just searching for My Sunshine as well. Wanting him to go back, and not paying attention to the fact that she wasn't My Sunshine at the time, Suiren offered Bashin her autograph. Fortunately, Bashin didn't realize the truth, and just thought she was My Sunshine's friend. Bashin told her that My Sunshine was being selfish by not performing for her fans. This bothered her, as she felt she had to work too much, and wanted time to play Battle Spirits. Bashin was excited to hear that My Sunshine also played Battle Spirits.

Suiren removed her hood, revealing herself, and the two, both chosen card battlers, had a battle in Isekai world. Bashin won the match, and afterwards, they were found again by My Sunshine's manager. Suiren tried to explain, but Bashin interrupted, saying that it was okay because he was with My Sunshine's friend. Not buying it, they were both kicked out.

Bashin wondered if Suiren was lying about being My Sunshine's friend. He told her that it was okay, because they were friends now. Bashin was susprised that this caused her to blush. After this, Suiren soon changed back to My Sunshine, and went on stage.


Suiren vs. GuardEdit

Turn 10 (Guard):

-On Suiren's field is Skulldevil, Rib-Reaper, Sha-Zoo, and 2 Bone-Gladiator. On the guard's field is Emeraldscissor, Shockeater and 2 Hercules-Geo.

-Guard summons Ziga-Wasp and The BlastTiger Tigald.

Turn 11 (Suiren):

-Suiren summons The SevenShogun Desperado. One core is removed from all spirits with its effect when summoned. It depletes all six 6 of the guard's spirits, so Desperado gets 6 cores.

Winner: Suiren

Bashin vs. SuirenEdit

Turn 10 (Bashin):

-On Bashin's field is Taurusknight, Metalburn and Skeleton-Jaw. On Suiren's field is Bone-Gladiator.

Turn 11 (Suiren):

-Suiren summons Skulldevil and 2 Darkwitch at LV2.

-Suiren attacks with Darkwitch. Bashin's Taurusknight is destroyed with its effect.

-Bashin takes a life. 4 lives remain.

-Suiren attacks with Darkwitch. Bashin's Metalburn is destroyed with its effect.

-Bashin takes a life. 3 lives remain.

Turn 12 (Bashin):

-Bashin summons Taurusknight at LV2 and Lizardman.

-Bashin attacks with Lizardman.

-Suiren blocks with Bone-Gladiator. Bone-Gladiator is destroyed.

-Bashin attacks with Skeleton-Jaw.

-Suiren blocks with Skulldevil. Skulldevil is destroyed.

Turn # N/A (Suiren):

-Suiren summons Bone-Gladiator.

-Suiren attacks with Darkwitch. Taurusknight is destroyed.

-Bashin takes a life. 2 lives remain.

-Suiren attacks with Darkwitch. Skeleton-Jaw is destroyed.

-Bashin takes a life. 1 life remains.

Turn # N/A (Bashin):

-Bashin summons Skeleton-Jaw.

-Bashin plays Double Draw.

-Bashin plays Flame Tempest. All spirits with 3000 BP or less are destroyed.

-Bashin attacks with Lizardman.

-Suiren takes a life. 1 life remains

-Bashin attacks with Skeleton-Jaw.

-Suiren takes the last life.

Winner: Bashin

Battle Spirits Lecture Segment:Edit

The featured cards are Bone Gladiator, which can't be blocked by green spirits, and Darkwitch, which can destroy an exhausted spirit when it attacks.

Cards Used:Edit


BS01-008: Metalburn

BS01-013: Taurusknight

BS01-016: Skeleton-Jaw

BS01-018: Lizardman

BS01-117: Double Draw

BS01-122: Flame Tempest


BS01-028: Skulldevil

BS01-029: Rib-Reaper

BS01-035: Bone-Gladiator

BS01-036: Sha-Zoo

BS01-040: Darkwitch

BS01-X02: The SevenShogun Desperado


BS01-054: Shockeater

BS01-058: Hercules-Geo

BS01-063: Emeraldscissor

BS01-064: Ziga-Wasp

BS01-068: The BlastTiger Tigald


Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin ep 4 (1 2)12:07

Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin ep 4 (1 2)

Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin ep 4 (2 2)12:04

Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin ep 4 (2 2)


Toppa Bashin- Mutsumi Tamura

J Sawaragi- Kaya Miyake

Suiren- Ayahi Takagaki

Striker- Ryosuke Sakamaki

Meganeko- Akemi Kanda

Mama- Tomoko Kawakami

Card Sensei- Riki Kitazawa

Aibou- Rie Nakagawa

Okyou- Akiko Kimura

Pink- Cho

Female Announcer- Reiko Takagi

Manager- Takayuki Sasada

Guard- Hiroshi Shirokuma

Staff A- Kenichi Mochizuki

Staff B- Anri Katsu

Spectator- Takayuki Fujimoto

Main Staff:Edit

Script: Toshimitsu Takeuchi

Storyboard: Osamu Tsuruyama

Episode Director: Hiroaki Kudou

Animation DIrector: Akira Kikuchi


  • From this episode on, Reiko Takagi performs the voice of Female Announcer, rather than Misato Fukuen.

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