Bashin Episode 48
Bashin ep48
English Translation The Last Opponent Nine- The Last Battle
Kanji 最キュー敵ナイン・最キョーのバトル
Romaji Saikyuu Teki Nain Saikyou no Batoru
Air Date 8/23/09
Opening Theme GO AHEAD!!
Ending Theme dear-dear DREAM
Bashin Episode 47 Bashin Episode 49

The forty-eighth episode of the anime series Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin.

Striker and Suiren have one last secret weapon that could help defeat Number Nine.


While the match commences, the pets head to the control room.

Despite their brief comeback, Striker and Suiren are at a disadvantage again. Both tell Number Nine about how Battle Spirits, and the friends they made through it helped change their lives. They declare that they'll win the match, so their friends won't have to get involved. Nine replies that he has no need for friends.

Striker brings out The Duke Kingtaurus, which he uses as a tribute to summon the new X-Rare from Elliott, The GreatArmoredLord Deathtaurus. Both a green and purple spirit, it's the ideal X-Rare for Striker and Suiren. However, Nine says that it's too late now. He and Number Eight turn the battle around, and Striker and Suiren lose, regardless. After the match, he has them captured, so he can possess the purple and green cornerstones. Of course, Bashin and the others are shocked. Kyouka calls Number Nine a coward for this.

Next, Meganeko and Kyouka are up. Their opponents are Number Three and Number Ten. Smile, who is with the remaining Numbers, is watching their match. He seems to agree with what Kyouka said earlier. Smile approaches Seven, who will be his partner in the match against Bashin and J. He's disgusted with the way the brainwashed Seven is acting, preferring him as the person who willingly betrayed Bashin to become a Number.

Kyouka and Meganeko, who lost the match, are taken just like Striker and Suiren. Before disappearing, Meganeko encourages Bashin to win and save everyone. Despite this, Bashin is extremely depressed, knowing that his friends are all in danger and that he was the one to get them involved. J encourages Bashin to cheer up, and the two are prepared to win the last match.

Nine is anxious for the next match to start, and feeling smug about his victory. He's shocked when Smile and Seven come out, but Seven is back to normal, and in his Galaxy form.

J asks Smile how long he plans to support the Numbers. Smile replies that he knew who was right for a long time, and that he can't forgive the way Thousand Spirits Group is now. However, he came in order to beat Bashin and J, proving he and J make a better tag.

Nine allows the battle to begin, but plans to capture Smile and Seven once it's over. Once the battle is underway, Smile and Seven's team takes the lead.

Meanwhile, Hayami goes to visit the priest Nazo-Otona, to pick up a suitcase.

Battle Spirits Lecture SegmentEdit

Featured is The GreatArmoredLord Deathtaurus, a fusion of The Duke Kingtaurus and The SevenShogun Desperado. It has two symbols. Because the card is very powerful, it might be difficult to master.


Striker and Suiren vs. Number Nine and Number Eight (Part 2)Edit

Turn 36 (Suiren):

-On Striker's field is Beatbeetle and Flyingmirage, as well as The Fruit of Life and The Shackles of Doom. On Suiren's field is Draculious and The SevenShogun Desperado. On Number Nine's field is Taurusknight and a LV2 Lizardedge. Number Eight has no spirits. Both players have three lives remaining.

-Suiren attacks with The SevenShogun Desperado. With its effect when attacking, she removes all but one core from Taurusknight. Number Nine uses Awaken in flash timing, however, adding three core to Taurusknight and returning it to LV2. He blocks with Taurusknight, and uses its own Awaken effect to take Lizardedge's core, and bring it to LV3. The SevenShogun Desperado is destroyed.

Turn 37 (Number Nine):

-Number Nine brings Lizardedge to LV2. Then, he summons The UnicornDragon Volsung and Rokceratops, both at LV2.

-Number Nine attacks with The UnicornDragon Volsung. It gets +3000BP when attacking. Suiren blocks with Draculious, which is destroyed. The remaining spirits on Striker's field each have one core, so they can't block, thanks to The Shackles of Doom.

-Number Nine attacks with Rokceratops. Striker and Suiren take a life. Two lives remain. Stirker draws, with The Fruit of Life's effect.

-Number Nine attacks with Lizardedge. Striker and Suiren take a life. One life remains, and Striker draws a card.

Turn 38 (Striker):

-Striker summons two MachG, both at LV2. He also brings both Beatbeetle and Flyingmirage to LV2. Then, he summons The DukeKingtaurs. With its effect when summoned, it's bought to LV2. Using it as a tribute, he then summons The GreatArmoredLord Deathtaurus. With its effect when summoned, it gains 1 core for each exhausted spirit. That brings it to LV3.

-Striker attacks with Deathtaurus. However, Number Eight uses Pure Elixir in flash timing, to refresh all of Nine's spirits. Nine blocks with The UnicornDragon Volsung, which is destroyed. With Deathtaurus' effect when battling, because it defeated a spirit, two cores are removed from opposing spirits. Striker chooses Rokceratops' core, which depletes it.

-Striker plans to attack with all his spirits to finish the match, but Nine destroys them all with Flame Tempest.

Turn 39 (Number Eight):

-Number Eight summons The SevenShogun Pandemium.

-Number Eight attacks with Pandemium. Suiren uses White Potion to refresh Deathtaurus, and blocks with it. Both are destroyed. With Pandemium's effect when destroyed, each player discards 5 cards. This leaves Striker and Suiren with nothing.

Turn 40 (Suiren):

-Suiren doesn't draw any spirits, and ends her turn.

Turn 41 (Number Nine):

-Number Nine uses Double Draw. Then, he summons The DragonicFortress Giga. Using Giga as a tribute, he summons The DarkDragonEmperor Siegfried.

-Number Nine attacks with Dark Siegfried. Striker and Suiren take their last life.

Winner: Number Nine and Number Eight

Bashin and J vs. Smile and Seven (Part 1)Edit

Turn 33 (Bashin):

-On Bashin's field is a Nexus, The Middle of Hard Battle. There is nothing on J's field. They have five lives remaining. On Seven's field is two nexuses, The Collapse of Battle Line and The Loss of Heroes at LV2. On Smile's field is Arcanabeast Paira, and The ArcAgnelia Mikafar, which is exhausted. He has two nexuses, The Blessed Sanctuary and The Topaz Meteor. They have seven lives remaining.

-Bashin deploys The Burning Battlefield on J's field, at LV2. Next, he summons The DragonEmperor Siegfried.

-Bashin attacks with Siegfried. Smile blocks with Arcanabeast-Paira, which is destroyed.

Turn 34 (Smile):

-Smile ends his turn without doing anything.

Turn 35 (J):

-J summons Dualcannon-Bell, and The Gigantic Thor at LV3.

-J attacks with The Gigantic Thor. He exhausts Dualcannon-Bell, giving 3000BP to Thor. It gets 1000 more with The Burning Battlefield's effect. Also, because of that nexus, his first attack must be blocked. Smile blocks with Mikafar, which is destroyed. By destroying Dualcannon-Bell, J refreshes Thor.

Turn 36 (Galaxy Seven):

-Seven summon The GiantHero Titus at LV2. With its effect when summoned, ten cards are discarded from the top of Bashin's deck. Next, he summons The MobileFortress Castle-Golem. Since he has two nexuses, he destroys ten more cards from Bashin 's deck with Castle-Golem's effect when summoned. Then, Seven uses Killer Telescope, so he can target exhausted spirits.

-Seven attacks with Titus, targeting Siegfried. J uses two Defensive Aura, giving +6000BP to Siegfried. Titus is destroyed. With the nexus, The Loss of Heroes' effect, because Titus was destroyed, 5 cards are discarded from Bashin's deck.

-Seven attacks with Castle-Golem, again targeting Siegfried. With its effect when attacking, three cards are discarded from Bashin's deck. Siegfried is destroyed.

Winner: TBD

Cards UsedEdit


BS01-002: Rokceratops

BS01-013: Taurusknight

BS01-025: The DragonicFortress Giga

BS01-098: The Burning Battlefield

BS01-115: Awaken

BS01-117: Double Draw

BS01-122: Flame Tempest

BS02-001: Lizardedge

BS03-103: The Middle of Hard Battle

BS04-X13: The DarkDragonEmperor Siegfried

BS05-008: The UnicornDragon Volsung


BS01-043: Draculious

BS01-105: The Shackles of Doom

BS01-127: Killer Telescope

BS01-X02: The SevenShogun Desperado

BS04-X14: The SevenShogun Pandemium


BS01-050: Beatbeetle

BS01-051: Flyingmirage

BS01-107: The Fruit of Life

BS01-X03: The Duke Kingtaurus

BS02-026: MachG


BS01-089: Dualcannon-Bell

BS01-142: Pure Elixir

BS01-145: Defensive Aura

BS02-102: White Potion

BS02-X07: The Gigantic Thor


BS02-084: The Blessed Sanctuary

BS02-085: The Topaz Meteor

BS02-X08: The ArcAngelia Mikafar

BS03-059: Arcanabeast-Paira


BS03-115: The Collapse of Battle Line

BS03-116: The Loss of Heroes

BS03-X12: The GiantHero Titus

BS04-X16: The MobileFortress Castle-Golem


BS05-X20: The GreatArmoredLord Deathtaurus


Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin ep 48 (1 2)12:05

Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin ep 48 (1 2)

Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin ep 48 (2 2)12:06

Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Bashin ep 48 (2 2)


Toppa Bashin- Mutsumi Tamura

J- Kaya Miyake

Suiren- Ayahi Takagaki

Striker- Ryosuke Sakamaki

Meganeko- Akemi Kanda

Kyouka- Maya Nishimura

Aibou- Rie Nakagawa

Okyou- Akiko Kimura

Pink- Cho

Cap- Takayuki Sasada

Nanarin- Misato Fukuen

Mama- Akiko Kimura

Female Announcer- Reiko Takagi

Commentator-san- Cho

Number Nine- Taiten Kusunoki

Number Eight- Michiko Neya

Smile- Kouzou Mito

Galaxy Seven- Daisuke Kishio

Kiano- Hirohiko Kakegawa

Main StaffEdit

Script: Dai Sato

Storyboard/Episode Director: Shouji Ikeno

Animation Director: Satoshi Nishimura


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