Batosupi! We are the Battle Spirits Club (バトスピ! 私たちバトルスピリッツ部ですっ☆') is a manga inspired by Bandai's trading card game. It ran in the monthly magazine, Young Ace, from November 4th, 2009- November 4th, 2010.

It was drawn by Toru Watanabe.

This manga differs from the rest because it is not an adaptaiton of any of the Battle Spirits anime series. It is an original story, about a school's Battle Spirits club, where playing Battle Spirits isn't the main factor of the story. The two main characters, Jun and Maaya, are girls who resemble J Sawaragi and Toppa Bashin, respectively.


Maaya Kurenai

Jun Shiragami

Midoriko Kasugano

Shion Kasugano

Mika Yamabuki

Seikai Aoyama

Azusa Daichi


Two tankoubon were released.

Volume 1- Released 3/26/2010

Volume 2- Released 12/28/2010

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