Brave Episode 02
English Translation Two Brave Users- The MoonlightDragon Strike-Siegwurm's Roar!
Kanji 二人のブレイヴ使い 月光龍ストライク・ジークヴルム咆哮!
Romaji Futari no Bureibu Tsukai Gekoryuu Sutoraiku Jiikuvurumu Houkou
Air Date 9/19/10
Opening Theme Free
Ending Theme Netsuretsu ANSWER
Brave Episode 01 Brave Episode 03

The Second Episode of the anime series Battle Spirits Brave.


Humanity is threatened by the Otherworld Mazoku and Mazoku have built a continent in the Pacific Ocean. The Mazoku have now built there interest around the entire world starting with this one continuent. In this one world, everything is determined by the will of Battle Spirits.

The episode introduces a bunch of Mazoku who are then gathered to see their majesty, Queen Gilfam who is quite elegant and has devilish features on her face.

The Mazoku tell her Duc's defeat and the awaken of Bashin Dan. She knows his history and is not really disturbed by the news. She then declares them to find him and bring him to her. Bashin Dan is Humanities Enemy.

The next scene shows an applause for Dan's victory against Duc. The Chief Kazvan tells Bashin that his victory is a closer step to Humanity but Dan then shows his thirst for battling and thanks Kazvan for bringing him back to the Battlefield. Kenzo is introduced next with a white cloak and big glasses she then introduces her assistant who is called Doctor Stella, she studies the Earth's abnormalties along with Kenzo.

The continent the Mazoku created was oct which is where the Mazoku capital is and is being governed by their Queen Gilfam for centuries. The Mazoku have injected all the energy of the core system into the Earth's Core which is making the environment more suitable for Mazoku living. However this has disturbed the geomagnetism. The Earth has become ill because of it. As to this the Earth's weather has been abnormal and has resulted in the Earth trying to reset itself. It's about 1 year until the Earth resets itself and could affect all civilisations.

Barone and his fleet prepare to bring Bashin Dan to the queen. A Mazoku ship is nearby Dan and the crew and a battlefield has awakened instantly which is a surprise since Mazoku haven't thought of attacking their perimeter.

Barone is found in his core bullet and meets Dan and Mai. Barone and Dan exchange words of their battling and both seem to be quite familiar in terms of battling skills. Dan enters his Core bullet and flies instantly towards the battlefield portal.

Featured Duel: Bashin Dan Vs The Moonlight Barone!Edit

Turn 1: Bashin Dan

Start Step, Draw Step, Main Step. Dan Summons Morgesaurus at level 1.

Turn 2: Barone

Barone summons NorthenBear at Level 1 (White spirit)

Turn 3: Bashin Dan

Bashin Dan summons Bladra at level 2 and then BattleDragon Elginius at level 1. Dan then begins his attack step. Morgesaurus attacks (3000BP) Dan activates it's effect making the spirit 5000BP. NorthenBear blocks and Barone activates it's effect giving Northenbear an extra core from the void. Morgesaurus and Northenbear both die. Bladra and BattleDragon then attack and Barone takes life (Barone has 3 Life left)

Turn 4: Barone

Barone begins his turn and summons two Gadphant at level 1, he then summons Northenbear at level 2. The Gadphants then attack making Dan life to 3. Barone ends.

Turn 5: Bashin Dan

Bashin Dan summons another Bladra and next a burst of fire is brought alive as summons The SunDragon Sieg-ApollonDragon at level two. Dan ensures the summon by sacrificing Bladra's core. A dragon enters the field with a giantic roar. Dan goes onto Attack step and attacks with ApollonDragon who target attacks NorthenBear. Barone chooses Northenbear to block and use it's effect allowing it to gain a core from the void. Northenbear is destroyed.

Turn 6: Barone

Barone refreshes his spirit and summons the MoonlightDragon Strike Siegwurm. (This creature radiances the moon's luminous figure and enters the battlefield in an array of light)

The Duel continues onto Episode 3:A Clash Between Men! MoonlightDragon vs. SunDragon

Featured CardEdit

MoonlightDragon Strike Siegwurm - It's ability when an opposing spirit attacks, it's effect can refresh it. This effect has overwhelming defence.

Cards UsedEdit

Cast Edit

Dan Bashin - Fuyuka Oura

Mai Shinomiya - Ayako Kawasumi

Clackey Ray - Daisuke Ono

Youth Glynnhorn - Tetsuya Kakihara

Plym Machina - Kanae Itō

Barone - Daisuke Namikawa

Duc - Kenji Hamada

Kazan - Kenji Nomura

Kenzo Hyoudo - Aya Endo

Stella - Satsuki Yukino

Gilfam - Michiko Neya

Geraid - Hiroshi Shirokuma

Rugain - Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Soldier - Tomoyuki Higuchi

Operator - Yu Shimamura

Narration - Junichi Suwabe

Main StaffEdit

Script:Atsuhiro Tomioka
Storyboard:Akira Nishimori
Episode Director:Shouji Ikeno
Animation Director:Jouji Sawada


Eyecatches Used:


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