Brave Episode 03
English Translation A Clash Between Men! MoonlightDragon vs. SunDragon
Kanji 男と男の激突! 月光龍VS太陽龍!
Romaji Otoko to Otoko no Gekitotsu! Gekoryuu VS Taiyoryuu
Air Date 9/26/10
Opening Theme Free
Ending Theme Netsuretsu ANSWER
Brave Episode 02 Brave Episode 04

The Third Episode of the anime series Battle Spirits Brave.


A Clash Between Men! MoonlightDragon vs SunDragon in the Japanese Version is the third episode of Battle Spirits Brave anime. It first aired in September 26th 2010.

This episode follows the continuation of the match between Barone and Bashin Dan as they continue to battle it out for their time. This battle intensifies with heat as both players have their key spirits in play.

Featured Battle: Bashin Dan vs Moonlight Barone!Edit

Turn 6: Barone

It's Barone's attack. Barone attacks with MoonlightDragon Strike-Siegwurm and Dan takes the attack reducing his life to 2. Dan is accumualting core for his next plan. He ends.

Turn 7: Dan

Dan draws a card from his deck and begins his turn. Dan brings BattleDragon and Bladra to level two. Bladra (2000BP) BattleDragon (3000BP) Dan summons The CannonDragon Bal-Gunner. Dan then braves Cannon and ApolloDragon to from a new creature. Dan activates it's effect allowing him to destroy an opposing spirit with 4000 BP or less. Dan chooses Gadphant. Dan then target attacks the other Gadphant. Barone used Gadphant's effect bring it to 5000BP but is less than ApolloDragon and it resulted in Destruction.

- Barone then uses Moonlight's effect (When an opposing spirit attacks, you can refresh this spirit)

-Dan Ends

Turn 8: Barone

-Barone summons the GunDragon Phoenix Cannon (Brave). Barone uses it's effect which destroys two opposing spirits with 4000 BP or less. Bladra and BattleDragon are destroyed.

-Barone then braves Phoenix Cannon and Moonlight Dragon to form a new creature.

-Barone begins his Attack Step and attacks with his brave spirit. This creature pierces through Dan and Dan is then taken to 1 life. Barone ends his turn.

Turn 9-Dan

Dan refreshes his creatures and then separates his brave spirit to bring back Cannon and ApolloDragon.

-Dan then summons The Fang Emperor Cerbelord (Blue Brave) Dan then braves ApolloDragon and Cerbelord to form another new creature. This time the brave spirit is level 3 and has 14,000 BP.

-Dan begins his attack step and attacks with his brave spirit. He activates Cerbelord's effect making him mill 5 cards from his deck.

-Siegwurm is then refreshed as it activates it's effect when an opposing spirit attacks. The brave spirit target attacks the opposing brave spirit. The spirits clash and Sieg-wurm is destroyed as result of the battle.

-Next Dan activates Cerbelord's effect from the previous cost which refreshes ApolloDragon. Dan then brave attacks and Dan activates the brave spirits effect destroying a creature with 9000 BP or less. Phoenix-Cannon is destroyed.

-Barone activates Flash timing Blizzard Wall. He takes the attack bringing him to two life and then stops the battle phase. Dan ends

Turn 10- Barone

-Barone summons Gadphant and Northenbear at both level two. Northenbear (5000BP) Gadphant (3000BP) Northenbear attacks and CannonDragon blocks making Cannon destroyed.

Dan's other creature apollodragon is exhausted and cannot block so Barone attacks with Gadphant and defeats Dan's Life to 0.


Although Dan loses, he bumps into a robot and hits his head. He also encounters Plym Machina who has remakrs as Mecha-Cool

One of Barone's ship attendant tells Barone to submit the win go Gilfam but Barone shrugs and is felt more relieved about battling a challenging opponent.

The group of Mazoku are in a discussion and the Darkness Zazie is introduced, He tells them that Dan doesn't know anything but except card battlers.

Dan then is determined to get stronger as he works on his deck.


Featured CardEdit

The featured card is the brave card The FangEmperor Cerbelord. When braved it can mill 5 cards from the deck and refresh the brave spirit.

Cards UsedEdit


Dan Bashin - Fuyuka Oura

Mai Shinomiya - Ayako Kawasumi

Clackey Ray - Daisuke Ono

Youth Glynnhorn - Tetsuya Kakihara

Plym Machina - Kanae Itō

Barone - Daisuke Namikawa

Duc - Kenji Hamada

Zazie - Kenichi Suzumura

Kazan - Kenji Nomura

Kenzo Hyoudo - Aya Endo

Stella - Satsuki Yukino

Geraid - Hiroshi Shirokuma

Rugain - Yoshitsugu Matsuoka

Subordinate - Yuuki Ono

Narration - Junichi Suwabe

Main StaffEdit

Script: Atsuhiro Tomioka

Storyboard: Yasuhiro Tanabe、Tomoyuki Kawamura

Episode Director: Yasuhiro Tanabe

Animation Director:Yukie Suzuki


Eyecatches Used:


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