Camelot Knight


Camelot knight
Name Camelot Knight
Kanji/Kana キャメロット・ナイト
Released in (Japanese) BS17, Battle Spirits Heroes Wafers Clash! Supernova, Battle Spirits Burning Soul Wafers
Color Purple Purple core
Cost 2
Reduction Purple core
Symbols Purple core
Family Evil Shadow
Ability Immortality
Level 1: 1 core, 1000 BP
Level 2: 2 core, 2000 BP
Card Effects
Immortality: Cost 0 (Either Attack Step) - This Spirit card in your Trash can be summoned when your Cost 0 Spirit is destroyed.

[LV2] Treat this spirit as a card with "The DarkKnight" in its name.
Flavor Text
He was certainly skillful at playing dead. When I saw him fall, my half-baked idea turned into a brilliant plan that I was convinced would work.

彼の倒れた姿を見たとき、自分自身が半信半疑のアイデアは、 これでイケるという確信つきの妙案に変わった。

Rarity Common
Illustration Tsukapon (art), Shinya Terashima (concept)
Rulings/Restrictions None


Battle Spirits Heroes

Battle Spirits Burning Soul


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