Charge(強化) is a special ability which premiered in SD10. Rather than being restricted to a particular color, like most other special abilities, it is restricted to light spirits. Rush is its dark counterpart. Pursuant to the updates of Rule Manual ver5.0, charge is restricited to non-ultimate effects. 


The effect of charge is different for each color.

Red: Increase the BP limit of your destruction effects by 1000.

Purple: Increase the number of cores moved from the field to the reserve due to your effects by 1.

Green: Increase the number of opposing cards exhausted due to your effects by 1

White: Increase the number of spirits refreshed by your effects by 1

Yellow: Increase the BP decreasing of your effects by 1000.

Blue: Increase the cards moved from your opponent's deck to their trash due to your effects by 1.

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