Destiny Burst


Destiny Burst
Name Destiny Burst
Kanji/Kana 運命神焔武
Released in (Japanese) Promo
Color Red Red core
Cost 5
Reduction Red coreRed coreRed coreRed core
Ability Burst
Card Effects
This card can only be used by "Arata Yakushiji."

[ Burst: After Your Life is Decreased ]
Reveal the top 5 cards of your deck. If among them is a spirit card, you may summon one. Add the remaining cards to your hand. After that, by paying the cost, you can activate this card's flash effect.

Flash - During this turn, one of your spirits gets +5000BP.
Flavor Text
Fire up, red dragon... hotter, rougher! Bring the cry of your soul here!
燃え上がれ紅き龍……熱く、激しく! 魂の雄叫びを今ここに!
Rarity Promo
Illustration Eisyun Fujii (art), Hiroshi Maruyama (concept)
Rulings/Restrictions This card is illegal in gameplay.


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