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Heavy Armor (重装甲;jyuusoukouis a modified version of the white effect Armor. Spirits/Braves with this effect have the following text:

  • Heavy Armor: Color(/Color) - This Spirit/Ultimate is unaffected by effects of opposing Color(/Color) Spirits/Braves/Magic/Nexuses.

This adds immunity to Braves, lacking in the first immunity. An example is the LethalWeaponDragon and The WarSacred Mega-Tyr.

There are two known variants of it. First, Infinite Heavy Armor, possessed by The GlacialHero Lord-Dragon-Glazar, which gives Heavy Armor to effects of any color on your opponent's field. Second, Variable Heavy Armor, possessed by The MoonlightDragonDeity Lunatech-Strikewurm, which gives Heavy Armor to effects of any color the spirit itelf has. For example, when braved with a Purple brave, it would be equivalent to having Heavy Armor: Purple.


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