Heroes Episode 48
Heroes ep48
English Translation Arata vs. Tegamaru! Birth of the First Supreme Hero!
Kanji アラタ VS テガマル!初代覇王誕生!
Romaji Arata VS Tegamaru! Shoudai Haou Tanjou!
Air Date 8/19/12
Opening Theme Wake Up! My Heart!!
Ending Theme My Hero My No.1
Heroes Episode 47 Heroes Episode 49

The forty-eighth episode of the anime series Battle Spirits Heroes.

In the decisive hero match, Arata battles Tegamaru.


For the final episode of Kimari's room, Chihiro and Kobushi are invited as guests. Both are too depressed over Tegamaru to be enthusiastic, but Chihiro wants to believe that Hajime's words reached Tegamaru.

Despite losing, Hajime is back to his cheerful self. Arata notices him, and goes to talk. He asks Hajime to watch the decisive hero match closely.

Once the battle begins, Tegamaru continues with his same style as usual. Even with Arata's use of both Sieg-Yamato-Fried and Sieg-Susano-Fried, he's no match for Amaterasu, and loses the match.

Tegamaru leaves the building as soon as he wins, deciding there's no reason to stick around. Arata announces to those inside not to forget that Battle Spirits is about fun, whether you win or lose.

Meanwhile, Hajime, Kobushi and Chihiro go after Tegamaru. The guards with Tegamaru keep them away forcefully. While all of them are depressed by this, Chihiro gives her sketchbook to one of the guards to give to Tegamaru. He looks through it, finding lots of pictures of himself and his friends and spirits.


Arata vs. TegamaruEdit

Turn 1 (Arata):

-Arata summons 2 Ryzard. He sets a burst.

Turn 2 (Tegamaru):

-Tegamaru summons 2 Kakyuso at LV2.

-Tegamaru attacks with Kakyuso. Arata blocks with Ryzard. Ryzard is destroyed. This activates Arata's burst, Double Blaster, which he uses to draw 2 cards.

-Tegamaru attacks with his second Kakyuso. Arata blocks with his second Ryzard. Ryzard is destroyed.

Turn 3 (Arata):

-Arata summons Ryzard, and Bari-Burn at LV2. He sets a burst.

-Arata attacks with Ryzard. Tegamaru takes a life. 4 lives remain.

Turn 4 (Tegamaru):

-Tegamaru uses Burst Draw to draw 2 cards. He sets a burst.

-Tegamaru attacks with Kakyuso. Arata blocks with Bari-Burn. Bari-Burn is destroyed, which activates his burst, Crystallize Illusion. He returns Bari-Burn to his hand. With its flash effect, he prevents one Kakyuso from being able to damage his life for the turn.

Turn 5 (Arata):

-Arata re-summons Bari-Burn and also summons Kagutsuchidragoon.

Turn 6 (Tegamaru):

-Tegamaru uses Triple Draw. He draws 2 cards, and reveals the top one. Since it's Burst Cross, he can't add it to his hand. He then plays a second Triple Draw. The top card is Kakyuso, so he can keep it this time.

Turn 7 (Arata):

-Arata summons a second Kagutsuchidragoon and brings Bari-Burn to LV2. He sets a burst.

-Arata attacks with Bari-Burn. Tegamaru takes a life. 3 lives remain. With Bari-Burn's effect when attacking, Ryzard gets +3000BP.

-Arata attacks with Ryzard. Tegamaru takes a life. 2 lives remain.

-Arata attacks with Kagutsuchidragoon. With its effect when attacking, he draws a card. Tegamaru takes a life. 1 life remains. He activates his burst, Burst Wall, which restores his life to 2. Also, with the flash effect, Arata's attack step is over.

Turn 8 (Tegamaru):

-Tegamaru summons The AbsoluteDragonDeity Amaterasu-Dragon, which destroys all other spirits on the field when it's summoned. He also summons Kakyuso.

-Tegamaru attacks with Amaterasu-Dragon. Arata takes from his life, leaving 2 lives left. When his life is decreased, his burst activates, and Arata summons The SwordHero Sieg-Susasno-Fried at LV4.

Turn 9 (Arata):

-Arata brings Sieg-Susano-Fried down to LV2. He summons The DragonHero Sieg-Yamato-Fried.

Turn 10 (Tegamaru):

-Tegamaru adds core to Amaterasu-Dragon, bringing its BP to 50000. He then uses Burst Cross to bring Burst Wall back to his hand. He sets a burst.

-Tegamaru attacks with Amaterasu-Dragon. Arata blocks with Sieg-Yamato-Fried, which is destroyed.

Turn 11 (Arata):

-Arata brings Sieg-Susano-Fried to LV4. He sets a burst. With its LV3-LV4 effect, it adds a red symbol when he has a burst set. He summons another Kagutsuchidragoon at LV2.

-Arata attacks with Kagutsuchidragoon. With its effect when attacking, he draws a card. Using its clash effect, Kakyuso is forced to block, and is destroyed. However, Tegamaru plays Burst Wall in flash timing, ending Arata's attack step.

Turn 12 (Tegamaru):

-Tegamaru uses Burst Draw and Triple draw. Then, he summons two Nodeppo.

-Tegamaru attacks with Amaterasu-Dragon. Arata blocks with Sieg-Susano-Fried. Sieg-Susano-Fried is destroyed. This triggers Arata's burst, Double Blaster, which allows him to draw 2 cards.

-Tegamaru attacks with Nodeppo. Arata takes a life. 1 life remains.

-Tegamaru attacks with his 2nd Nodeppo. Arata takes his last life.

Winner: Tegamaru

Cards UsedEdit


SD06-013: Burst Draw

SD06-014: Burst Cross

BS14-001: Ryzard

BS14-002: Kakyuso

BS14-007: Kagutsuchidragoon

BS14-091: Double Blaster

BS14-X01: The DragonHero Sieg-Yamato-Fried

BS15-074: Triple Draw

BS16-001: Nodeppo

BS17-001: Bari-Burn

BS17-X01: The SwordHero Sieg-Susano-Fried

???: The AbsoluteDragonDeity Amaterasu-Dragon


SD06-016: Burst Wall

BS14-103: Crystallize Illusion

Featured CardsEdit

Featured is The AbsoluteDragonDeity Amaterasu-Dragon. When summoned, it destroys all other spirits, and it's not affected by other effects. It's also a one-of-a-kind card.


Hajime Hinobori- Mana Hirata

Tegamaru Tanashi- Jun Fukuyama

Arata Yakushiji- Wataru Hatano

Kimari Tatsumi- Saki Fujita

Kouta Tatsumi- Reiko Takagi

Kobushi Nigiri- Kenichirou Matsuda

Chihiro Kusaka- Fumie Mizusawa

Mika Kisaragi- Mikako Takahashi

Manabu Ohizumi- Tadashi Mutou

Kataru Ohizumi- Mika Matsuoka

Black Suit A- Shigeo Kiyama

Black Suit B- Teruyuki Tanzawa

Narrator- Junichi Suwabe

Yui Inoue- Yui Inoue (Metele)

Main StaffEdit

Script: Yuka Yamada

Storyboard/Episode Director: Jun Takahashi

Animation Director: Akira Kikuchi

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