The colors I use is green, white, purple and blue.

No. of cards 47
Green Total 19 Spirits 11 Braves 1 Nexuses 2 Magic 5
White Total 8 Spirits 5 Braves 0 Nexuses 1 Magic 2
Purple Total 9 Spirits 6 Braves 1 Nexuses 1 Magic 1
Blue Total 11 Spirits 9 Braves 2 Nexuses 0 Magic 0

All my cards:

Key: S for Spirits, M for Magic, B for Braves and N for Nexuses.

Green: The Worker Antman(S), Amenborg(S), The AirCommodore Geran(S) 2, The ArmoredBushin Girafa-Rando (S X-rare), The Ninja Sarutobe (Master rare S), Thorn Prison(M) 2, Matchra (S), The BladeWolf Beo-Wulf (B), The Hunter Kinghepardo (S), The Storm Highland (N), Full Add (M), The Fruit of Wise Tree (N), Grass Trap (M), Toughness Recovery (M), Dal-Eagle (S), Tsukushinmoa (S), Skunks (S).

Blue: Shuddomell (S), Gyokuryuun (B), Mantigore (S), Bronze-Golem (S), The IronHammer Oswald (S), The Pharmacist Girmamarl (S), The ChimeraDragon Hydrus (S) 2, The FishermanMaster Zigorou (S), Bazooka-Arms (B), Kojirond- Golem (Burst S).

Purple: Bloody Coffin (M), Andrealphas (S) 2, The Digged Tombstone, Ginroukaku (S), The HellFighter Balam (S), Bronzemaiden (S), Pigeonheadiless (S), Knight-Anole (B).

White: Emperordol (S), The Invaded Castle (N), The AutoMarine Seerauber (S), Hitodem (S), Holy Elixir (M), Blizzard Wall (M), The IceWitch Hel (Master rare S), The ArmoredBeast Audhumla (S).

My deck is so strong. My key card is The ArmoredBushin Girafa-Rando with brave The BladeWolf Beo-Wulf.(Two of them isn't in this wikia!)

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