Nexus is a card type in the game Battle Spirits. They share traits of both spirit and magic cards. Like spirits, they can be leveled up, have symbols, and remain on the field until depleted or destroyed. Like magic, they can't be used for battle, simply providing support.

Card InformationEdit



Deploying NexusesEdit

Q1. Can core not be put on nexuses?
A1. Yes, normally nexuses have a Level 1 cost of 0, so there is no need to put core on them. However, if their level cost is 1 or more, core must be put on them equal to or greater than their Level 1 cost, otherwise they will go to Level 0 and be destroyed.

Q2. Can any number of nexuses be deployed on your field?
A2. Yes, there is no limit to the number of nexuses that can be on field.

Q3. When multiple nexuses are deployed on the field, do their effects activate at the same time?
A3. Nexus effects can all be used at the same time. If the same nexus is deployed, its effect is duplicated.

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