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A starter deck in the trading card game. This set included spirit, magic, nexus and brave cards, in the colors red and blue. The set is the basis for Dan Bashin's deck in Battle Spirits Brave.
It contains 17 different cards. Multiple copies of some cards were included, making 40 total.

This set was never released in English. Img s3 starterD03

Card List

Number Name Color Type Rarity
001 Bladra Red Spirit Common
002 The SwordDinoman Stegorus Red Spirit Common
003 Morgesaurus Red Spirit Uncommon
004 The HornBeast Gulnearl Red Spirit Common
005 Big-Horn Red Spirit Common
006 The SunDragon Sieg-Apollodragon Red Spirit Master Rare
007 The BattleDragon Elginius Blue Spirit Common
008 The MasterCarpenter Mccoy Blue Spirit Uncommon
009 The StarMonster Sea-Serpendar Blue Spirit Uncommon
010 The CannonDragon Bal-Gunner Red Brave Common
011 The CrustDragon Groun-Giras Red Brave Rare
012 The FangEmperor Cerbelord Blue Brave Uncommon
013 The Fire Paradise Red Nexus Common
014 The Olymspia Stadium Blue Nexus Common
015 Brave Draw Red Magic Uncommon
016 Sagitta Flame Red Magic Rare
017 Blue Splash Blue Magic Common




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