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SD20, called Ultimate Deck (Zero the Silver) is a starter deck in the trading card game. It is the basis of a white deck for Rei , the protagonist of Battle Spirits Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero .

This Set Contains :

-Card x 40

-Blue core x 15pcs

-Play sheet

-Rule manual

-Life counter

-Book of Ultimate Cheats

This set was never released in English Img starter20

Number Name Color Type Rarity Quantity
001 Missilemobile White Spirit Common 3
002 Mugendra White Spirit Uncommon 1
003 Defenzard White Spirit Common 3
004 Shieldmobile White Spirit Common 3
005 Troopermobile White Spirit Common 3
006 Wingsoldier White Spirit Common 3
007 WhiteJetDragoon White Spirit Common 3
008 UltimateCannon-Bell White Ultimate Uncommon 3
009 Ultimate-Asc White Ultimate Uncommon 2
010 Ultimate-Surtr White Ultimate Master Rare 2
011 The Rowgard Nortern Instructions Bureau White Nexus Uncommon 2
012 The Falling World White Nexus Uncommon 2
013 Ultimate Power White Magic Common 3
014 Burst Shield White Magic/Burst Uncommon 2
015 Last Rebellion White Magic Common 3
016 Blitz Order White Magic Rare 1
X01 Ultimate-Odin White Ultimate X-Rare 1




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