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SD20, called Ultimate Deck (Zero the Silver) is a starter deck in the trading card game. It is the basis of a white deck for Rei , the protagonist of Battle Spirits Saikyo Ginga Ultimate Zero . This Set Contains 40 cards, 15 pieces blue core, Play sheet, Rule manual, and Book of Ultimate Cheats.

This set was never released in English Img starter20

Card List

Number Name Color Type Rarity Quantity'
001 Missilemobile White Spirit Common 3
002 Mugendra White Spirit Uncommon 1
003 Defenzard White Spirit Common 3
004 Shieldmobile White Spirit Common 3
005 Troopermobile White Spirit Common 3
006 Wingsoldier White Spirit Common 3
007 WhiteJetDragoon White Spirit Common 3
008 UltimateCannon-Bell White Ultimate Uncommon 3
009 Ultimate-Asc White Ultimate Uncommon 2
010 Ultimate-Surtr White Ultimate Master Rare 2
011 The Rowgard Nortern Instructions Bureau White Nexus Uncommon 2
012 The Falling World White Nexus Uncommon 2
013 Ultimate Power White Magic Common 3
014 Burst Shield White Magic/Burst Uncommon 2
015 Last Rebellion White Magic Common 3
016 Blitz Order White Magic Rare 1
X01 Ultimate-Odin White Ultimate X-Rare 1




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