Sevan is a place in Battle Spirits Brave.


Sevan was ruled by Balgada. Like every other place on Earth during the Mazoku era, Balgada took over Sevan using Battle Spirits. The locals tried to fight back but just gave up.


Despite all that peace and equality Balgada keeps talking about, Sevan is a slave country. Humans are used as
laborers while Mazoku do nothing but sit around all day.


Ed, the resistance leader of Sevan, was planning an attack on the Mazoku, but he needed a diversion. He sent his girlfriend,Gizelle, as a bride to Balgada, planning to attack the Mazoku while they are off-guard. He sent an SOS to Clackey Ray, captain of the Beautiful Sophia. Clackey and his crew landed and rescued Gizelle. Dan, the legendary card battler aboard the Beautiful Sophia, defeated Balgada's warrior Rahze in a duel, liberating Sevan.


Battle Spirits Brave

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