Sword Eyes Episode 15
Sword ep15
English Translation Purple and Green at Risk- Farewell Hayatemaru!?
Kanji 紫と緑の賭け さらば疾風丸!?
Romaji Murasaki to Midori no Kake Saraba Hayatemaru!?
Air Date 12/16/12
Opening Theme Wild Card
Ending Theme Color
Sword Eyes Episode 14 Sword Eyes Episode 16

The fifteenth episode of the anime series Battle Spirits Sword Eyes.

Hagakure battles Rirove, to prevent Hayatemaru from becoming an alchemy ingredient.


Featured CardEdit


Hagakure vs. RiroveEdit

Cards UsedEdit




  • Yaiba - Hikaru Midorikawa
  • Shopkeeper - Tomohisa Asou
  • Guests - Kazuhiro Fusegawa, Kenji Sugimura, Masayoshi Sugawara
  • Narration - Rikiya Koyama

Main StaffEdit

  • Script: Masaharu Amiya
  • Storyboard/Episode Director: Akiko Honda
  • Animation Director: Akira Kikuchi


  • Tsurugi comments that he finally gets to see Hagakure battle and wonders about his style, but he already battled with Hagakure off-screen in an earlier episode.

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