Sword Eyes Episode 19
Sword ep19
English Translation Bringer in Danger! Yaiba vs. Kizakura
Kanji ブリンガー危うし!ヤイバVSキザクラ
Romaji Buringaa Abunaushi! Yaiba VS Kizakura
Air Date 01/20/13
Opening Theme Wild Card
Ending Theme Color
Sword Eyes Episode 18 Sword Eyes Episode 20

The nineteenth episode of the anime series Battle Spirits Sword Eyes.

Kizakura goes to Yaiba's palace alone, in order to save Bringer.


Featured CardEdit


Yaiba vs. KizakuraEdit

Cards UsedEdit




Main StaffEdit

  • Script: Yuka Yamada
  • Storyboard/Episode Director: Jun Takahashi
  • Animation Director: Tomoko Ishida


  • This is the first time Bomber has spoken outside of grunts in any anime.

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