Sword Eyes Episode 30
Sword ep30
English Translation Dark vs. Light! Tsurugi vs. Tsurugi?!
Kanji 闇対光! ツルギ対ツルギ!?
Romaji Yami tsui Hikari! Tsurugi tsui Tsurugi!?
Air Date 4/07/13
Opening Theme Billy Billy
Ending Theme IN FUTURE!!
Sword Eyes Episode 29 Sword Eyes Episode 31

The thirtieth episode of the anime series Battle Spirits Sword Eyes.

Tsurugi is finally reunited with Bringer, and his Sword Eye of Light returns to him.


Featured CardEdit

The DarknessDemonSword Dark-Blade


Tsurugi vs Justice TachibanaEdit

Cards UsedEdit



Main StaffEdit

  • Script: Masaharu Amiya
  • Storyboard/Episode Director: Kei Umahiki
  • Animation Director: Asako Inayoshi


  • This was the first episode under the Battle Spirits Sword Eyes Gekitouden title.

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