The Faraway Ground


The Faraway Ground
Name The Faraway Ground
Kanji/Kana 最果ての大地
Released in (Japanese) BS17
Color White White core
Cost 4
Reduction White coreWhite core
Symbols White core
Level 1: 0 core
Level 2: 2 core
Card Effects
[LV1][LV2] (Each Player's Attack Step) When your opponent activates a burst, they must move 2 core from their reserve to their trash, or the effect can't activate.

[LV2] When your opponent destroys your "Machine Beast" spirits, return 1 of the destroyed spirits to your hand.
Flavor Text
Near the center of the nation, the Ice Shield generals shared Kei's vision. On the other hand, by the borderlands, the trend of objecting to Kei's power logic strengthened.
—Authentic History: Chronicles of the Hero Kei, Year 645—

一方、辺境ほど、ケイの力の論理を不服とする傾向が強かった。 ―正史 覇王ケイ伝 645年の章―

Rarity Uncommon
Illustration Yuu Tsurumi
Rulings/Restrictions None

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