The Generate Altar


Name The Generate Altar
Kanji/Kana 転召の祭壇
Released in (Japanese) SD02, SD09, BSC06
Color Blue Blue core
Cost 3
Reduction Blue coreBlue core
Symbols Blue core
Level 1: 0 core
Level 2: 1 core
Card Effects
[LV1][LV2] When your opponent summons a Cost 3 or less Spirit without "Tribute," they must pay one additional Cost.

[LV2] (Your Main Phase) When summoning a Spirit with "Tribute," increase the cost of all your Spirits on the same family as that Spirit Card by +3.
Flavor Text
This is apparently where tribute rituals take place. You would think that civilization has advanced by now, yet ancient customs like this still remain. What a mysterious world this is...
-from the Places of Interest 559/1000 of "Record of the Strange World" by Wanderer Lolo"-

進んだ文明を持つかと思えば、このような風習も残っている。 ここはとても不思議な世界だ。 ―放浪者ロロ「異界見聞録」名所千選559―

Rarity Common
Illustration Kankurou
Rulings/Restrictions None

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