The GiantHero Heraclas


BS21-054 500x730
Name The GiantHero Heraclas
Kanji/Kana 英傑巨人ヘラクラス
Released in (Japanese) BS21
Color Blue Blue core
Cost 6
Reduction Blue coreBlue coreBlue coreBlue corePurple core
Symbols Blue core
Family Fighting Spirit, Astral Soul
Level 1: 1 core, 6000 BP
Level 2: 3 core, 8000 BP
Level 3: 5 core, 10000 BP
Card Effects
[LV1][LV2][LV3] When your opponent increases their hand due to their effects, for each card they gain, discard 1 card from the top of your opponent's deck.

[LV2][LV3] (Your Attack Step) When the attacks from your "Astral Soul" spirits decrease your opponent's life, discard cards from the top of your opponent's deck equal to that spirit's cost.
Flavor Text
The youth who inherited the power of the stars underwent 12 trials and joined the ranks of heroes.


Rarity Rare
Illustration Jun Suemi
Rulings/Restrictions None

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