The Impregnable Fortress


Name The Impregnable Fortress
Kanji/Kana 絶望壁の要塞
Released in (Japanese) BSC05, SD12
Color White White core
Cost 4
Reduction White coreWhite core
Symbols White core
Level 1: 0 core
Level 2: 2 core
Card Effects
[LV1][LV2] (During Your Opponent's Turn) All opposing Spirits can only take a maximum of one Core away from your Life for each attack.

[LV2] All of your "Lv. 1 Spirit Form" Braves gain [Immunity: Red/Blue].
Flavor Text
A natural fortress carved into the side of a sheer cliff... One must see its majesty for oneself to understand it. Those who attempt to take down the fortress by force shall know the true meaning of despair.
-from the Places of Interest 601/1000 of "Record of the Strange World" by Wanderer Lolo"-
Rarity Common
Illustration Yoshiyasu Tomoe
Rulings/Restrictions None


Not to be confused with The ImpregnableFortress Odin.

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