The Miraculous Hill


Name The Miraculous Hill
Kanji/Kana 奇跡の丘
Released in (Japanese) BS04
Released in (English) BS04- Ascension of Dragons
Color Yellow Yellow core
Cost 3
Reduction Yellow coreYellow core
Symbols Yellow core
Level 1: 0 core
Level 2: 4 core
Card Effects
[LV1][LV2] (During Your Battle Phase) "Divine Spirit" spirits you control get +1000BP.

[LV2] (During Your Battle Phase) Each time a "Divine Spirit" spirit you control is defeated, it is moved to your hand instead of their Trash.
Flavor Text
A hill in the land of rainbows. Rainbows are said to originate from here. Shining angels frequent this place and make it look like a starry sky even during the day.
-from the Places of Interest 017/1000 of "Record of the Strange World" by Wanderer Lolo"-
Rarity Common
Illustration Rei
Rulings/Restrictions None


Battle Spirits Shounen Gekiha Dan



Japanese edition

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