The SevenShogun Destlord


Name The SevenShogun Destlord
Kanji/Kana 魔界七将デストロード
Released in (Japanese) BS02, BS40
Released in (English) BS02- Rise of Angels
Color Purple Purple core
Cost 7 (Revival: 5)
Reduction Purple corePurple corePurple core
Symbols Purple core
Family Nightling, Ogre Wizard
Level 1: 1 core, 4000 BP (Revival: 5000 BP)
Level 2: 6 core, 8000 BP (Revival: 3 core, 7000 BP)
(Revival: Level 3: 5 core, 10000 BP)
Card Effects

[LV1] (When Summoned) Exhaust all LV2 spirits.

[LV2] (During Your Battle Phase) Each time this spirit defeats a spirit, gain cores in your Reserve equal to the number of cores that were on the defeated spirit.

When this pre-Advent card is discarded by the effect of the [During Advent] Spirit on top of it, send one core from an opposing Spirit/Ultimate to the Void.

[LV1][LV2][LV3] (When Summoned) Draw one card from your deck.

[LV2][LV3] (When Attacks/Blocks) Destroy all opposing LV2 Spirits. For each opposing Spirit destroyed by this effect, add one core from the Void to this Spirit.

Flavor Text

The ruler of fear froze the foes at the first sight, The traitors stopped resisting and threw themselves at their feet.

The Seven Shoguns?! There are six more of such horrible fellows?!




魔界七将!? こんなやばい奴があと六人もいるの!?

Rarity X-Rare (Revival: Rare)
Illustration Junya Ishigaki
Rulings/Restrictions None


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