The Spring of Full Magical Powers


Name The Spring of Full Magical Powers
Kanji/Kana 魔力満ちる泉
Released in (Japanese) BS04
Released in (English) BS04- Ascension of Dragons
Color Yellow Yellow core
Cost 3
Reduction Yellow coreYellow core
Symbols Yellow core
Level 1: 0 core
Level 2: 3 core
Card Effects
[LV1][LV2] (During Opponent's Main Phase) While you control 3 or more "Magician" spirits, spirit cards your opponent summons cost 1 more to summon.

[LV2] (During Opponent's Battle Phase) While you control 3 or more "Magician" spirits, each time a spirit your opponent controls attacks, they must move 1 core from a card they control or their Reserve to their Trash.
Flavor Text
This spring is located in the land of trump and was created by someone from the land of magic. It provides not only water, but also infinite magical powers. It is perhaps those powers that make the water so sweet and refreshing.
-from the Places of Interest 217/1000 of "Record of the Strange World" by Wanderer Lolo"-
Rarity Common
Illustration Kouki Saito
Rulings/Restrictions None


Related to: Arcanaprince-Obero, Arcanaprincess-Un



Japanese edition

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