The WaterDragon Shining-Dragon-Water


Name The WaterDragon Shining-Dragon-Water
Kanji/Kana 水龍シャイニング・ドラゴン・ウォーター
Released in (Japanese) Promo
Color Blue Blue core
Cost 6
Reduction Blue coreBlue coreBlue core
Symbols Blue core
Family Astral Dragon
Ability Crush (demolish), Charge
Level 1: 1 core, 4000 BP
Level 2: 2 core, 6000 BP
Level 3: 4 core, 9000 BP
Card Effects
[LV1][LV2][LV3] Crush (When Attacks) Move cards from the top of your opponent's Deck to their trash equal to this spirit's LV.

[LV1][LV2][LV3] (When Attacks) When this spirit's Crush moves a card with a Burst effect from their deck to their trash, your opponent discards 1 of their set burst.

[LV3] Charge - Increase the cards moved from your opponent's deck to their trash due to your effects by 1.
Flavor Text
The dragon imbued with the power of water purifies the polluted sea.
Rarity EX
Illustration Sakichi Funaya
Rulings/Restrictions None


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